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Initial Public Offerings (“IPO”) Services

There are strict and complex regulations of relevant security transaction for governing the first sale of a company’s shares to the public and the listing of shares on a stock exchange. To smooth the IPO processes, choosing an appropriate professional service institution is strictly important. SCS CONCORD CPAs assembles the tailored IPO team with specialized management consulting, audit, taxation, and business registration members to provide overall IPO strategy and details of execution plan as follow:

  • Assist the IPO feasibility analysis

  • Assist the plan of capital formation and fund source

  • Assist the plan of ownership structure

  • Consult the taxation planning

  • Assist the company acts consultation and company articles review

  • Consult securities management acts

  • Assist and consult the plan for the retention of outstanding talents

  • Assist and consult the systems of accounting, internal control, and internal audit

  • Assist and consult the preparation and review of public offering or listing (counter) documents

  • Assist and consult for participating in the listing (counter) review

  • Issue a review opinion on the reasonableness of the issue price

  • Assist the various checklists required by the competent authority

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