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Assurance and Advisory Services

The gateway of an enterprise to success is firstly the flexibility of fund-raising and proper use of funds. Furthermore, it also depends on the perfection of management system and the smooth workflow of production and sale.      


Reliable information is required by economic decision-making. Financial statements prepared by the enterprises are not only the critical reference of bank loan, but also the investors can use them to understand the financial status and trends in operational results of the enterprises for their investment guidelines.       


Performing the auditing and certification of financial statements is the major assignment of certificated public accountants. SCS CONCORD CPAs provides value-added and complete professional services, and assists our clients to understand the latest development of laws and regulations in flexible industry changes. We also have the plentiful experiences in assisting the capital market financing for our clients. Our audit and assurance services are:

  • Audit and certification of financial statements

  • Certification of income tax returns 

  • Review interim financial statements

  • Financial forecast review

  • Agreed upon procedures/due diligence services

  • Special audit reports for internal control reviews

  • Merger & acquisition services

  • Guidance and assistance for Initial Public Offerings (IPO), and listing (counter) services

  • Support for the conversion of Generally Accepted Accounting Standards and International Accounting Standards

  • Counseling on auditing and accounting system of Taiwan businessmen in Mainland China

  • Special audit for other certain purposes

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